How to Register your Dales Pony

HRH the Prince of Wales Patron of the Dales Pony Society UK

Registering Your Dales Pony

Dales Ponies can only be accepted for registration through the Dales Pony Society UK which maintains the breed stud book allowing  monitoring of this critically endangered breed. 

   Dales Pony Society UK Registration Links

North American DPS Registry Assistance.

Transfering Ownership with the DPS UK

It's vitally  important for breed convservation of  Dales ponies that they are each registered with the Dales Pony Society UK as a single mother registry. 

This critically endangered breed requires responsible owner and breeder accoujntability to maintain an accurate and traceable breed count.  

Register a membership, and pony, with DPS UK gives access to Pedeweb, a digital resource that allows you to search through an intesive Dales pedigree.



Please ask for help if you need it! Our USA DPCNA Secretary is happy to help you with any questions or need for assistance with UK DPS.

DPCNA Secretary