Dales Pony Conservancy North America

Dales Ponies: The Great All Rounder

We are a group of North American Dales Pony enthusiasts, owners and breeders  who are dedicated to the thoughtful preservation of this remarkable and critically endangered native  breed. 

We are committed to supporting the breed through support of Dales ponies in North America.  We are (thus far) just enthusiasts who met through ponies, groups and events, but are eager to create a more solid organization which fosters Dales pony education, events, fun, connections, information and the very serious need to support a single Dales Pony Breed Registry (DPS UK). 


Breed Registration


Critical to breed preservation is keeping track of ponies, pedigree, progeny and current owners with a single international  mother registry. Forms and FAQs DPS UK  

About the Breed

About Dales Ponies

Learn more about the history, breed standard and how these ponies are the Great All Rounder.

Dales Pony Events and Gatherings

Dales Pony Events and Gatherings

Our group covers an enormous span of regions from coast to coast UK and Canada. Find Dales Ponies getting together locally in your area.

DPS registered Stallions at Stud

Dales Pony Stallions at Stud

DPS UK licensed Dales Pony stallions currently standing at stud in North America.

Dales Ponies for Sale


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Listings of Dales Ponies across North America

Dales Pony News

Dales Pony News

Whose gone on an adventure?

What have the North American Dales ponies been up to?

Where are the Dales ponies near you?